Introducing the ARC rigs



Put your Laser into turbo-drive with the LaserPeformance ARC rigs. With spars designed by Scott Ferguson and sails by Robbie Doyle, the ARC Rigs are alternatives to the Laser Standard rig and Laser Radial rig when you want to have a different sailing experience but don’t want to spend extra for a new hull. 

The ARC Rigs were originally designed to accommodate a wider range of sailors, allowing more people to get involved in Laser sailing.

  • The ARC1 has a weight range of 165lbs – 195lbs vs. 175lbs – 183lbs for the standard Laser
  • The ARC2 has a weight range of 135lbs – 165lbs vs. 145lbs – 155lbs for the Radial

After we accomplished this, we designed the rig with some points of difference:
The ARC1’s sail is 8.933 square meters, 16.5% greater than Laser MKII sail.
    The ARC2’s sail is 7.334 square meters, 9.8% greater than Laser Radial sail.
      Both are fully battened and custom designed   
      fill-oriented polyester/film laminate sails.

        The ARC1’s carbon spar is 200mm longer and 60% of the weight of the MKII.
          The ARC2’s carbon spar is 50mm shorter and 60% of the weight of the Radial. 
              Both sails have carbon booms that features a bonded mast track, internal outhaul, T-fitting gooseneck, and no riveted eye straps.
               As a result, the ARC Rigs feature improved rig control, better light air performance, faster off the wind performance, higher acceleration, and they are easier to sail in all conditions.
              For those looking for a new boat at a competitive price, LaserPerformance offers a new hull-ARC rig combination as well.
              *Please note this is not a Laser class legal boat*