Our Fleet has a new addition

It is with much excitement that LaserPerformance Lda announces the launch of its new boat – CASCAIS .. CASCAIS is versatile and brings together cutting-edge design, with exceptional handling, speed and stability for a fantastic sailing experience for all levels of sailors. It will be available in multiple versions and a variety in taste and design.

More importantly the roto-molded CASCAIS will be offered in multiple BIO hull versions composed of 50% sugar cane without compromising durability. This aims to raise awareness for the need to introduce sustainability options to the market and to the sailing community.

A key consideration for better serving the market is to encourage young and new sailors to come into the sport and to experience the joy and the thrill of sailing. CASCAIS is designed with this spirit. Whether you want a fun day on the water or to race with your friends, the amazing Cascais is a game changer.

LaserPerformance Lda is confident that its initiatives in sustainability based on design, methods of manufacture, use of materials and indeed the physical production facilities combined with its initiatives for after sale support – principally to extend the lifecycle of its boats and its products – are an imperative in today’s world. It therefore hopes to bring change to the current practices in the industry - www.laserperformance.global/pages/sustainability.

Concurrently, Laser Sailboats Limited announces the termination of the Design License Agreement with Jo Richards in connection with the PICO boat.

PICO was designed more than 26 years ago and has had a great run serving its purpose as then conceived by LaserPerformance. However, PICO has not gone through any modifications or upgrades to keep it current with the design or sailing needs of the market today. This is the principal reason for ending this boat with a view to serving the market better and differently.

There will no doubt be a lot of emotion involved with these changes. These are similar emotions that followed changes in the car industry with the introduction of electric cars led by Tesla which has now led to changing the whole industry.

The termination of the PICO production will be effective from 8 October 2021 with deliveries through 8 April 2022. For further details and ordering please contact your LaserPerformance sales contact or sales@LaserPerformance.com.