Bio Hull

Introducing the CASCAIS Bio Hull

A truly revolutionary option for dinghy sailboats. In everything we do, we are committed to finding solutions that decrease negative impacts on the environment. Rotomolded boats have a longer lifespan, and the plastic can be recycled. The CASCAIS Bio Hull is an additional step in that direction. It is different from our standard hull because it uses a biopolymer layer that is easier to decompose than traditional hulls made of Polyethylene, that is because 50% of the hull skin resin is derived of sugar cane. As sugar cane grows, it absorbs CO2 resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Developed in partnership with experts, biopolymer materials are durable and environmentally friendly. The CASCAIS Bio hull comes in Fun, Race and XD configuration. You can also choose from available hull colors. Show your commitment to the environment by sailing the CASCAIS Bio Fun, Race and XD.

Bio Hull will be available soon.

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