LaserPerformance United

LaserPerformance owners are bound together by their passion to sail.

You’ve made the commitment to sail a LaserPerformance dinghy. Membership in LaserPerformance United provides you access to a world of exclusive benefits, and a likeminded community, to help you get the most out of your dinghy experience on and off the water.

Product Assistance Program
Members can speak directly to a LaserPerformance United representative for advice, tips, tricks, and techniques about a broad spectrum of topics including boat maintenance, parts, supplies, and more. For details and specifics about the benefits offered through LaserPerformance United, please contact

There are specific LaserPerformance United events that are scheduled through the year. From our Sunfish River Raids to Beer Can racing at your local SailLaser facility. Check out our calendar to see what is coming up.

LaserPerformance United provides sponsorships for many events and even deserving individuals. If you are interested in a sponsorship, please contact: to discuss specific requirements.

LaserPerformance United will provide our members with maintenance and service programs through our certified service centers based on your specific needs. Please contact:

To make participation in events easier for our LaserPerformance United members, we provide charters for many different regattas and events throughout the year. For a list of charters, please visit our Events and Charters page.

Class Associations
LaserPerformance United administrates many classes for our members. These include: Z420 Class Association, International Sunfish Class Organization, Pico Class Association, Bug Class Association, and more to come. If you are interested in joining a class or running a class, please contact: